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Start-up Projects Collaboration


MCSN Consultancy is Collaborating with Click Events Malaysia, her Founder Mr. Fabian Lim, our Online Marketing Mentor in both of his Start-Up Projects. 

The first Start-Up Projects that has both launched in Singapore and Malaysia is a Contest and Giveaways Start-up Prizle

While for the 2nd Start-up, during Asia Internet Congress Malaysia just a weekend ago, we are getting in Wave 2 Business Associates into the team to be trained. This start-up will officially launch next year in Mar 2014. MCSN Consultancy headed by Mr. Michael Cheng is part of the Wave One Team Leaders have undergone training since Jan 2013 and will participate in training Wave Two to get ready for the Launch Next Year in 2014.

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Looking for 200 SME Business to capture Page One Search Traffic


As we are heading towards the end of 2013 in less than 57 days, MCSN Consultancy is planning to set aside 1 hour Complimentary Consultancy Session worth $300 to a group of selected of 200 Business Owners who would like to recapture their online market share from their existing competitors.

Do a Google Search in and search for the keyword of the products or services that you are currently marketing and if you are not on the first page of the Google Search Result Page (SERP) that means you are leaving a lot of money on the table ( all the potential businesses will definitely go to those links on the first page – most likely if you observe carefully, they belongs to your competitors’ site). Ever wonder what are they doing differently that resulted their websites appearing on page one.

Inquire here to find out how you can regain your page ranking to Page One to capture a portion of the online searches business opportunities from your Page One Ranking Competitors’ websites on what you have to offer.



Integrated Online Marketing Services


Many current businesses have certain online presence such as having their own website, some uses Facebook FanPage, some uses email marketing, some uses mobile website and lately many have went and got a Mobile App for their business etc. etc. or a combination of the above marketing platforms.

Instead of the conventional offline advertising such as newspaper advertising, trade directories, doing trade shows, road shows or participate in exhibition to promote their products and services, not many have realized that there are much cheaper and efficient alternative and benefits by switching over to other Online Marketing Platforms and integrating them to create more efficiency and synergy.

The best part is it can be done with more effectiveness and efficiency without increasing the marketing budget.

A list of what options are possible can be found with some of our clients that went with customizing their online marketing strategies and integrating them together creating a inter-connected marketing platforms that compliment each other.

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“Your Success is Our Commitment”.

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