Mobile App Marketing Consultancy

By engaging with our Mobile App Marketing Consultancy, you will get to know how to optimized Social Media Online Presence for your business to have optimal Fans and Customer Engagement with you and your business through your very own Mobile App across 3 primary mobile operators operating system including IOS, Android and HTML5. Your Business Mobile App downloaders will instantly be updated with latest development of your business as far as promotions, product or service launches, company news and happenings and your fans get to have a mobile app platform to engage with you thus you will know exactly what the market’s current perception and acceptance towards your business

You can send Unlimited Push Notifications without a single cent in marketing cost even though you send out not 10 or 50 but to 100,000 or more in a single Push Notification and do so every week for the next 52 weeks.
Your Push Notification Cost equals Zero ($0.00).

Mobile App Marketing Consultancy will include Business Advisory in the area of Utilization of Mobile App for Business Marketing pertaining to the nature of your business as far as customer and fans engagement towards your Products and Services you are marketing through your own Mobile App for Business integrating with your website, all your social media platforms creating the best Integrated Online Marketing Platform and is accessible 24/7 for those using SmartPhones with Data Plan.

Process of Mobile App Marketing Consultancy includes the following process steps.

  • Your Current Business Mobile App Marketing Analysis
  • Interpretation of the Analyzed Mobile App Marketing Data
  • Formulation of Mobile App Marketing Action Plan
  • Implementation of Mobile App Marketing Action Plan
  • Monitoring, Benchmarking and Fine Tuning the Achieved Mobile App Marketing Standards
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