Basic Online Web Presence

The Bare Minimum Features that a company or and individual’s website should have to start up having a Basic Online Web Presence.

1. Managed Domain – You should have a registered domain name

2. Managed Hosting – Your Registered Domain name should be linked to a Hosting Package.

3. SEO Friendly Site – You can either get a web developer to design and develop a customized website or upload a WordPress Theme. Having a SEO Friendly Site will be advantageous for Google SERP ranking when you consider to work on your SEO Research Keywords Copywritten Content later without having to revamp your whole website from an conventional html or php website that is not a mobile website friendly.

4. Professional Email Address – You should create a couple of Professional Email Addresses such as,,, and created upon which you can check your emails through webmail access or creating a login access through email address platform such as Microsoft Outlook. You will be able to access through multiple platform such as PCs, Notebook, iPads and through Smart Phones accordingly.

5. Lead Capture Page (Landing Page) – In addition to that, a Lead Capture Page or better known as Landing Page should be created to capture incoming leads to your website that has relevant information that they are searching for and as a result from a Search Engine Search Result that they landed after clicking your domain url link of your domain name. Typically most website will have a Contact Us Form to capture filled in data or information. Upon receiving the submitted data through form submission, it will be emailed into your registered email address. You probably can manage having 5 to 10 incoming inquiries to manually answer their email and moving the contact information manually into a database but when your online business grows and having hundreds to thousands inquiries, it will not be efficient to do the replying, follow-up and maintaining the database manually because too much hassle and time consuming.

6. Autoresponder Integration – Thus having an AutoResponder Software Integration will solve this problem. It is almost having someone that is able to work 24/7 365 days a year without rest to assist in follow up in the sales process, database maintenance done for you if setup properly.

The above 6 Benefits are all in our Basic Silver Package.

In conclusion, it is important to have all the above mentioned setup properly from the start in order to have an online web presence as part of the Stage 1 in the 3 Online Marketing Growth Stages before you work on Stage 2Driving Targeted Traffic through Lead Generation Strategies and then to Stage 3Scaling Up through implementing an Integrated Online Marketing Strategies.

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