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1  CreateYourContest
1. Create Your Contest

Contests are great marketing tools that can:

Exponentially grow your fan base from 100 to 100,000 likes overnight
Engage your customers to your brand in an exciting and fun way
Empower your customers to share about your brand freely and limitlessly
Capture high-value leads of people ready to buy your product
Increase your revenue or bottom-line

With Prizle, you can strategically and easily launch contests without the need to hire designers, programmers, or more marketing staff.

Simply utilise our contest creation engine to set up your contest, and you are all set to go.

We keep it simple, so you can focus on other strategic matters.

Reach billions of your prospective customers and get maximum returns from your contest today!


2 spreadtheword
2. Spread The Word

Our smart and intuitive demographic-based distribution system allows you to target and engage specific audiences so your offers remain relevant.

A key factor in our ability to target the bait where there’s a teeming catch is our years of market exposure–allowing calculable results.

For Contests, get highly targeted audience to participate, giving you the best possible returns.


3 obtainmeasurableresults
3. Obtain Quality, Measureable Results

Our collaborative and complete system allows you to enjoy:

Smart and deep analytics that lets you keep a close pulse on the social crowd so you can fine-tune marketing campaigns and get the best possible returns-every time.
Exponential growth of your leads, allowing you to directly bring your product to loyal customers
Perpetual flow of totally hooked contest participants. Our feedback mechanism keeps improving your contests so they are to-die-for!
Significant increase on your bottom-line by being the most favoured and must-watch contest runner!

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