SEO Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Research is a must for websites that wants targeted searched keywords with certain traffic volume that is consistently going to the top ranking sites on Page One for the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) returned websites as below. If your website url is not on page one for that product or service keyword that you are marketing then all the online searched traffic will check out your competitor’s website that is ranking on Page One and one of them will get the business.

The following are a sample of Page One Google SERP websites that are ranking 1st to 5th in Malaysia so if I am a prospect looking for a buffet caterer for my event these 5 caterers will most probably get my business if they can fulfill what I am looking for.

A lot of caterers in the market probably able to fulfill what I am looking for but because their website url is no where on Page 1 to Page 3 (Top 30 websites with the searched keyword of buffet catering malaysia) then there is no way I am able to contact them. So opportunities goes to those websites that can appear on Page One by doing a SEO Keyword Research to find out which keywords have a lot of search traffic and are those keywords competitive in nature. Then use that list of 800 keywords in the SEO Keyword Research and work on building SEO Keyword Copywritten Content.

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